Join Erynn Sosinski, LCSW and Deborah Bagg, LMHC, for an empowering 3 week online course based on over 15 years of group facilitation experience. 


This course will help guide you in both a clinical and psycho-spiritual perspective on how to hold space when leading groups. You will gain a deeper understanding on group theory and process. You will dive into essential topics such as: Working with resistance, cohesion, subtlety and transference.

Whether you are teaching yoga, breathwork, women's circle groups or any other creative group in person or on zoom, this series will provide you with embodied and clear tools to hold space for yourself and others. 


Depth & Healthy Attachment  

 live and recorded for 48hrs video call

Human beings are profoundly shaped by our social environment, this wiring for connection governs us both consciously and unconsciously. Friendship is at the heart of this human experience. We suffer greatly when our social bonds are threatened or severed. More than ever, friendships are an essential part of life right now. Who have you been reaching for and who has been reaching for you is part of this pandemic experience.


Join me for a lively discussion on adult friendship through the lens of Somatic Psychology.

Topics that will be covered:

_Why we need each other.

-How to nurture and grow your friendship capacity. How to let go of toxic friendship.

- Different kinds of friendships and there roles

- Attachment theory and why this is important to know your attachment style.

- Breakups and Breakthroughs


3 weeks of live and recorded video call

Holding Space:
The art of group facilitation 

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