The Sanctuary of Practice is a safe, quiet, reflective place to tease out what is true and what needs to be let go. The sanctuary resides deep in your body and breath. The sanctuary is a place of regeneration in order to emerge refreshed and connected.


Justine and Deborah will hold this space for you to explore what it means to deepen in your personal yoga practice. They have been practicing the art of feminine yoga together for 18 years and continue to be curious and open in this exploration.

This retreat is an invitation to you, dear women, to enter into the refuge of your body & your practice in order to serve the greater good as a blessing force!


Lodging and Package Pricing:

  • A gorgeous spacious room

  • 2 yoga classes a day.

  • 3 locally sourced delicious meals a day

  • 2 min walk to the beach

  • Nature walks in the jungle. ( sloths!)

  • Tree planting to offset our carbon footprint

  • cacao ceremony

  • sweat lodge

  • beach bonfire

  • private pool

  • surfing if you wanna

  • Sleep amongst the trees


$1800/person (4 person room share)
$1850/person (3 person room share)
$1900/person (2 person room share)


The EcoLodge's mission is to support the neighboring communities by setting up sustainable environmental, social and economic projects in and around Escameca. You will learn all about their efforts and how both small and large actions can make a change..

*When reserving your spot please let us know which room you are booking

To sign up please email:

Refund Policy:
• 100% Refund (minus $500 non-refundable deposit) if reservation cancelled before November 1, 2019
• 75% Refund (minus $500 non-refundable deposit) if reservation cancelled after November 1, 2019
• 50% Refund (minus $500 non-refundable deposit) if reservation cancelled before January 1, 2020
• No refunds given for cancellations made after January 15, 2020


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