by Deborah Bagg

Welcome to your practice.

I invite you to pay attention to yourself. To listen somatically and with gentleness.

 Love is Juniper is the culmination of what has filled my life since I was young:

the love of movement, beauty, the wild, and free.

This practice is a coming home. You BELONG here.
In love and lunacy,

Become a monthly member of Love is Juniper for unlimited access to our live and recorded yoga classes and monthly Moon and Singing Circles, so you can practice at your own time and space.

Your monthly U$45 membership includes:

  • 3 weekly yoga classes with Deborah and Lauren

  • Monthly Moon Circles with Deborah 

  • Monthly Singing Circles with Keely 


Deborah Bagg

Yoga & New Moon Ritual


Keely Angel

Full Moon & Singing Circle

IMG-20211115-WA0002 (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 12.10.29

Rebeca Tera Shiva

Pranayama Breathwork & Meditation

Lauren Slivosky

Slow Flow


Yoga Schedule

Love is Juniper Schedule Nov 2021 vertical.png


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