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Juniper, Brooklyn is a container for bodily practices, spiritual growth and the celebration of beauty. 
We offer Yoga classes with highly skilled and dedicated yoga teachers. Each teacher is unique in their experience and depth of practice and will guide you into your body, mind and heart.

Our weekly workshops will provide the opportunity to deep dive into wild and wonderful realms.
Our teachers bring forth interesting, creative and inspiring opportunities to learn more about yourself, each other and the great wide world we live in. 



Originally from South Africa, Deborah graduated from Naropa University with a Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy in 2005. She is a licensed clinical mental health counselor. Her therapy practice is a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness, using flower essences to support each client’s unique process. She is a doula, a women’s wisdom circle leader and a yoga teacher. In Colorado, she met her lifelong teacher Sofia Diaz who taught her the depth of sacred feminine yoga and how to live open-heartedly. Her classes are focused on wisdom traditions, rhythm, and somatic attention. Each class is an opportunity to create spaciousness, skilled awareness, and heart awakening. Juniper is the culmination of what has filled her life since she was young. The love of movement, beauty, the wild, and free.

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